Walking Dogs Unleashed?

by Mary Haight on August 24, 2009

There was  story over the weekend that had me shaking my head…a three-year-old boy walking with his dad on the streets of New York’s Bronx when he met face-to-face with a Husky who was off-leash.  The dog attacked the boy ripping*Aug 22 - 00:05* into his face and head while the owner, Louis Delez, 23, stood by in what I guess was a shocked and paralyzed state.  The boy’s father, Jeremiah Kendall, 32, jumped in, heaved the 120lb. dog off his son and punched the animal in the face.  The boy is now recovering in the hospital.  The dog was taken by Animal Care and Control and killed.

Why do people think it’s just fine to run around the streets of any city or suburb with their dog unleashed?  Is it ego, (false) pride in their dog’s obedience , or is it just because people will flaunt a law they don’t like–like when we ignore speed limits?  I recall a recent story about the woman in the English  countryside who was trampled to death by cattle because of her dog.  Yes, the dog was off-leash.  Habit or not, it may be time for a new plan.

Yesterday I was out with Tashi, my 14 lb Shih Tzu, and just as he was about to relieve himself, a big dog came around the corner and I had to snatch him up to avoid any potential altercation.  The idiot rude person thought I was the crazy one. You never know what is going to set a dog off.  Not that dogs are to be feared, but rather respected and protected.  I venture to say that every one of the dog owners whose dogs have been killed because of their actions thinks the same thing” “My dog would never harm anyone.”  What about running into traffic to chase a squirrel, or running away when the sound of a car crash is just too terrifying? Is it worth it, even on the off-chance?

You can read Mike Jaccarino and Joe Kemp‘s story at the NY Daily News Bronx edition.

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