Petland: A Pox on All Your Houses

by Mary Haight on August 6, 2009

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Petland needs to shut down all animal sales operations. And if they don’t do it willingly, States Attorneys and Department of Agriculture should do it for them, store by store, and make them foot the bill.  After HSUS nailed them as purveyors of puppy mill dogs according to Department of Agriculture transportation records, another story has surfaced. And given Petland’s sheer numbers, you can be certain this story is not unique. 

An employee of the Akron, Ohio store, Elizabeth Carlisle, had the audacity to post a photo on her Facebook page–taken by her Manager–holding up two soaking wet dead rabbits she had just drowned. She had a big grin on her face., mentioning that although she had been swearing at the rabbits to “hurry up and die” her Manager was “so kind” as to take the picture.  A case of the inmates running the asylum. 

The rabbits had been allowed to fight each other, which happens when they are improperly housed, and had sustained many injuries including an missing eye and a broken jaw.  So not only did they have a horrible life, but also a horrifying death. 

The report from PETA shows the Facebook photo, and quotes other complaints they have received from employees, most of which are well reflected by this one: “[I] used to work at a Petland … and [I] can totally relate to this picture … The stores … have puppies dying all the time, due to not having water and food. [T]he kennel techs are untrained and underpaid and they get back at the company by not taking care of the animals!”

The whiff of good news is that because of the public outrage, the Akron store has been permanently closed as of this afternoon.  Elizabeth Carlisle has been charged with cruelty to animals and will be in court later this month.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone just stopped going to all 3,600 (2007 count) Petland outlets?

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