Your Dogs Emotions

by Mary Haight on July 3, 2009

Small, brindle-marked dog posed on table in studio
Image by George Eastman House via Flickr

Ever wonder what you dog was feeling when she looks at you? Do you think your dog looks happy or sad from time to time? How about this question, does your dog look guilty sometimes? Well in today’s Seattle Times, Rob Stein takes a look at that question and gives out a few answers. “Many dog owners have had this experience: Arriving home, they discover their pooch looking sheepish, with its head down, ears pulled back, tail tucked between the legs, maybe slinking behind the sofa. They soon discover the reason: a favorite pair of shoes chewed to pieces, or perhaps a garbage can upended. But is their canine companion acting guilty? Or is this an example of people projecting a human emotion onto their four-legged friend? “CONTINUE READING: Your Pets Emotions

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