Swedish Dog Toys Tame Naughty Dogs

by Mary Haight on July 25, 2009

A one-woman ” Fisher Price” of Sweden, Nina Ottosson, has created dog toys that engage dog minds,  putting their energies into solving  puzzles for rewards instead of chewing a creative redesign onto your shoes, or bouncing off walls from boredom during rainy seasons. adogsmarthund

These toys use several different approaches to problem solving, ranging in difficulty so that dogs that are let’s say less motivated can join in the fun…if you can get Butch off the sofa. But it’s the smart ones–those who are often considered the irredeemable naughty dogs–that will find the toys to be a challenge and intriguing enough to deflect from undesirable behaviors. 

Developed to match a dog’s natural instincts and movements, they include lifting blocks, turning discs, pushing blocks, putting blocks inside something, and so on.  A healthy mind is as necessary a component as a healthy body, and this line of toys fills the bill.  Dog psychologist (you laugh?) and trainer recommended.allabilderskogen2007013

Check out this great video demonstration. It shows you all the different toys and various dogs actively involved in finding their rewards.

With thanks to Liz Palika at Pet Connection who first shared this find.

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