On The 4th of July – Dogs Helping Injured Soldiers

by Mary Haight on July 4, 2009

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I hope all our readers are able to take some time off and relax on this US. holiday, The Fourth of July. I came across a story from Portland Oregon that fits in the theme of today quite nicely, independence. It can be hard for anyone who has lost the use of some ability to move freely in their everyday lives. Soldiers make up a large segment of this population and when I found this article I knew it would fit. ““The relationship is just one big circle. We just keep helping each other out,” said Watson. “If I can’t roll over or get out of bed, (Summer) will have a little toy that she uses and she’ll pull me up. It’s a tug-of-war game for her.” READ MORE: Dogs Give Independence.

Down in San Francisco Amelia Glynn blogs about a woman who loves older dogs and founded Muttville a shelter for older dogs, ““So many people think that puppies are cute. I feel the same way about senior dogs,” she says. “There’s something special about old, sweet mutts — it’s something in their eyes. It’s like you can see their soul.”

READ MORE: Senior Dogs Rock and I want to offer everyone my wish for a great weekend and a safe and happy holiday. :)

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