Cool Products for Dog Days of Summer

by Mary Haight on July 30, 2009

August is upon us–the dog days of summer and vacations by car or long trips to the beach often bring up questions about what Toto needs to enjoy his vacation, too.  Here are a couple of great finds you might want to consider, which could easily be used in daily life, too, and that’s “cool.”

Portfolio Auto Cruiser Portable Pet Car Seat
A Fully Enclosed Pet Car Seat Great for Cars, Trucks and RV’s.acportfolio-imgpetcarseat1

The Portfolio Cruiser features the same fully enclosed pop-up pet compartment that the Auto Cruiser does only without the 10″ high storage unit and booster seat making this an extremely portable pet car seat.
The Pet Cruiser Portfolio Cruiser attaches securely to your car seat using the lap AND shoulder belts. The Portfolio Cruiser comfortably holds cats and small dogs up to 13″ tall at the shoulders; includes a shoulder strap. Priced from $99 to $129.

The Large Dog Lounger  

A portable, heavy-duty raised dog bed with weather canopy,1d38c543-c541-4634-aa3d-31bc56165b3f_regularcabanaforthebeach1 is, according to the manufacturer, scratchproof and comfy enough for even large dogs (up to 225 pounds). It weighs 14 pounds and collapses into its own travel bag.  It’s listed at  just under $100, but if you spend a lot of time at the beach or in your backyard, this could be worth the investment. If it holds that much weight, the kids could join in with a smaller dog, too!

Both Items by Midnight Pass Contact 877-897-7700

AP Dog Training

Puppy Bumpers are collars designed to keep tiny dogs and puppies from slipping out416ba606-9d1c-4e3e-9ced-c51a8ab73f38_regularrailingsafety between balcony rails or under gates. Made of cotton and stuffed with polyester fiber, they are light and comfortable, as well as stylish, according to the company. Coordinating ribbon loops slip over the existing collar. Six color options are available, in addition to a holiday line. This is great for home or travel use, as long as your dog will tolerate it. Received the “Editor’s Choice Award” from Dog Fancy, just $22.95.

Contact 804-512-2553


The Tiki Tick Lasso, a pen-shaped device designed for use on both humans and animals,6ccc9c8a-f5e3-4ec6-928d-5b629a2f055b_regulartickremover removes an entire tick in a hygienic, painless manner, according to the manufacturer. Instructions for use: push the slider, place the lasso around the tick, release the slider slowly, raise the pen, rotate the pen 360 degrees, gently lift the tick, disinfect the skin after removal.  It’s tick season–isn’t it nice to know you can use this on both you AND your dog:))  Maybe this is one bond we could do without!

from Tick Lasso

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