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by Mary Haight on July 14, 2009

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I was interviewing the owner of a new Dog Trainer Academy in Chicago today, and we had chatted about all the stressors that City life imposes on dogs with its frenetic pace, cacophony of sounds, smells, and distractions, like the chaotic rush of peoples’ bicycles and cars whizzing past, all a blur of colors. She chimed in with [and on top of that] “the expectations we impose on dogs create impossible standards that we would not put on our children.” So my question was, are we making our dogs neurotic? It seems the answer is clear. Braces for your dog, Botox (poor Sharpei’s), a closet full of outerwear…so I thought we could get back to some useful basics and the simple pleasures of keeping our dogs (and cats) comfortable, healthy, clean and bug free.

Pet Ease Chewables00248-3petease-chewables09
A unique combination of calming ingredients that helps ease dogs through stressful events – travel, boarding, grooming, storms, and maybe moving day. I might need one myself if the thunderstorms in our area don’t stop…my dog is beside himself and I know there’s not much I can do about it, but it keeps me half awake anyway. I’ve tried the Bach flower essence on him and that has had limited results, so this may be my next step. I may be expecting too much. More

JennScents: Sounds spa-like, but it’s practical!655ff1c8-8260-4eb7-88f2-73e148158260_jennscentsfleashampoo

Flea Fighter Pet Shampoo prevents fleas naturally with aromatherapy, according to the manufacturer. It’s designed to calm skin irritations caused by fleas and ticks on all pets, while leaving their coats healthy and glossy. Which is ever so much better than you can say for those toxic flea bath applications-smelly and very rough on skin and fur. I don’t know how long this will keep fleas away; environmental factors play a part. In-between shampoos, you can keep a spray bottle of light lemon oil mix (peel lemon skins, or lemongrass, boil in water, cool, and use) to spritz on (don’t spray near the eyes of course) before going out into the yard. Eucalyptus works, but it’s so strong you can’t put it directly on the dog–it will burn the skin. Instead, use it on a bandana or a doggie t-shirt you might use to keep your dog from getting sunburned during beach visits. This is a case in point of why you can’t safely use human products, even a natural one like California Baby’s Bug Spray, on dogs and cats.  All of these elements are combined, including the eucalyptus. Licking behaviors make all the difference!

JennScents Spray for Hot Spots

Hot Spot Pet Spray is made with 100-percent pure essential oils to hydrate and heal any pet’s skin irritation. The aromatherapy’s added plant-based enzymes are intended to naturally help relieve itching, redness and inflammation of problem areas. Well, this sounds useful, but I’m not sure about all the aromatherapy stuff…I wonder, do the dog’s olfactory senses explode with too much information? Now if it smelled like bacon…more here

Laboratoire De Dermo-Cosmetique Animale (LDCA)4615f975-b927-47d5-8505-9917acc3d737_soapfreepetmousse

Dermoscent’s natural pet skin-care shampoo, spot-on treatment, rinse-free mousse and soothing balm,are all created to clean, heal and protect animals’ coats with frequent use. Essential 6 Spot-On applies directly to the pet’s spine to restore hydration, prevent irritation, deodorize, sustain hair growth and increase the skin’s natural defenses, according to the company. Using essential fatty acids (EFAs) and oils, the fast-cleansing Essential Mousse massages directly into the fur without water and towel dries, and is designed for owners who cannot bathe their animals.

Soap-free Essential 6 Shampoo is formulated for all pet skin- and hair-types; EFA Treatment Shampoo is meant for sensitive and allergy-prone skin types; and Bio Balm moisturizes dry and cracked skin and prevents infections of calluses and lesions by using petroleum- and preservative-free, organic-certified active ingredients, according to the manufacturer.

Also very useful for city dwellers; I’ve found after re relocating (yes, you read that right)from the city to the country and back again, I had forgotten how really dirty dogs get, and fast, so this can help keep your dog clean (read: healthy) in-between grooming to clean up paws, legs, and bellys.
Go to Dermoscent for more.

Nutri-Vet’s Probiotics for Dogs66019-5nutrivetprobiotics0709

• Speeding the breakdown of organic waste fragments
• Dislodging decayed matter and toxins
• Increasing production of enzymes and availability of enzymes
• Helping regulate digestion
• Helping kill viruses and parasites
• Strengthening the immune system
Go to Nutri-Vet for more

And I will have my yogurt now!

Kitty wants out? Get a harness and leash!

And finally we don’t want to ignore cats entirely, even if we couldn’t talk any cat we knew into modeling the item.  Want to make your cat an indoor cat no more? Cat people can walk their cats with a figure 8 type harness, which is better fitting than the “H” type, and leash (like THAT will happen with any significant percentage of the cat population). But for those of you with willing felines (perhaps the younger ones won’t know any better or take it as an insult) can go out in the yard and get some fresh air for Gypsy Jane or Mr Pippy without the worry of getting hit by a car, or roaming on neighbors chemlawns. Do I hear the kicking up of cat heels? Anyone? If your cat is willing that’s grand, if not, do not try to teach them to like it-it’s just not gonna’ happen! There’s more info here.

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