A Dogs Life – A Dogs Life

by Mary Haight on July 11, 2009

dog massage
Image by MBK (Marjie) via Flickr

I was surfing the net earlier today and saw a notice… ” Masseuse Shawn McBride, LMP/SAMP, is giving free massages to dogs of all sizes and breeds on a first-come, first-served basis.”  I question if my first reading was correct, so I read it over and over again and then again.Yes I finally say, it is what it says and where the heck is my dog costume and plane ticket to Seattle… geeze Louise, dogs get all the perks…

Down in my favorite city Christie Keith writes a post in the San Francisco Chronicle about what to do with your pet when there is an emergency and since this is such an important subject I thought I would bring it up again, I know I did a post about it not so long ago. READ MORE: Family crisis, Family pets

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend, I hear it was 116 in Phoenix today… wow, stay cool everyone.

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