The Saturday Surfing Report; A Good Laugh

by Mary Haight on June 20, 2009

I’ve been surfing the internet this Saturday, watching how many cities were reported to be seeking ways to ban pit bull type dogs.  The question I’ve been asking is why do city councils and legislators want to go after the law abiding citizens with dogs.  Is this attack against a type of dog an admission of  failure to control the criminal element who breed dogs for aggression and fighting, and the individuals who think it’s a status symbol to have an attack dog and then not take proper care that the dog is not in a position to hurt anyone? 3642663738_d0cac1fe6a_mpit

Are law abiding dog owners simply easy pickings to help politicians create the illusion of success in controlling random dog attacks?  Insurance seems to be an ever-present requirement for “grandfathered” owners in cities who insist on breed type ordinances.  Beyond the cost of premiums, it will not be long before no insurance for these types of dogs will be available.  Risk assessment models will not allow it. This will effectively eliminate pit bulls.

Ontario, as Craig has blogged here, has banned pit bulls altogether.  We know about Denver’s abysmal record; many other cities, like Ogden, Utah in the news today, are working on breed specific legislation.  What’s so disturbing is that no city is taking a page from the UK and others in the EU who are getting rid of their misbegotten and ineffective Dangerous Dog Act laws.  Why are we reinventing the wheel, when we could be getting ahead of the curve?

I also have a Pet News column on the and when I wrote about the plight of pit bull type dogs, you should have seen the negative commentary it brought, mostly uninformed and disinterested in being dissuaded from media driven thinking.  I think it’s great to have an opinion, but shouldn’t the value placed on that opinion be based on the facts that formulated it?  When facts tell you that your opinion is in err, shouldn’t you be open to changing your opinion, to hearing another perspective, to being part of a solution?

That said, I really needed a laugh and happened to find one over at our friends at Ohmidog!  Pass it on:)

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