Steve Dale’s Pet World Debut: Evanger’s FDA Problem

by Mary Haight on June 27, 2009

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Steve Dale is back! WLS AM radio has picked up “Steve Dale’s Pet World” along with his national audience, and it starts today. From the Press Release:

“Steve Dale brings his expertise and passion to The Big 89 both on-air and on-line, hosting his weekly show on WLS-AM (890 AM) Saturdays from 2-3 pm, plus an additional hourly on-line show which will be available on-demand at wlsam. Dale is also the host of two nationally syndicated programs, and has been hosting local radio in Chicago for the past twelve years.”

Today’s show will feature “Will Highland Park have a breed ban? Steve speaks with Highland Park Mayor Mike Belsky; the real story about Evanger’s Food ‘recall’ from the company’s VP Joel Sher and an announcement about a promotion to microchip cats.”

And if you did not hear about the Evanger run-in with the FDA, it is not a recall and sounds more like a paperwork filing issue regarding their process on canned foods, and has nothing to do with quality issues:

“Our company has been working closely with the FDA  and we have already addressed many of their questions,” says Joel Sher, Vice President of Evanger’s. “No Evanger’s product has been recalled, nor is there any indication that Evanger’s products are unsafe or contaminated in any way. Only our canned products have been affected by this action and, again, the FDA has not issued a recall as some blogs have incorrectly stated.”

The FDA action appears to be based on a misunderstanding regarding paperwork updating the company’s processing protocols that was submitted last year. Joel comments, “Our FDA consultants are in the process of re-submitting these files. The safety and quality of all Evanger’s products is our number one concern and we are working closely with FDA to ensure that all record keeping and processes have met, and will continue to meet their strict guidelines.”

“As our customers, retailers and distributors know, Evanger’s takes the quality and safety of its pet foods very seriously,” says Holly Sher, President of Evanger’s. “Evanger’s has a long history of using the finest human grade ingredients prepared under strict manufacturing procedures. We have been producing safe, wholesome and natural products for over 75 years and continue to feed them daily to our own pets.”

Consumers and distributors may contact Evanger’s customer service department at (800) 288-6796 . In addition, all new or updated information will be posted to  evangersdogfood as soon as it becomes available.

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