Social (Pet) Networking

by Craig Daniels on June 12, 2009

Image by matteo_dudek via Flickr

With a reported 200,000 members, United Cats and United Dogs, which in based mostly in Eastern Europe has just received another huge influx of VC funding to help the social networking site continue to grow, ” UDC first launched the two pet communities internationally about two years ago, and the nicely designed social networking services have quickly gained traction with cat and dog owners throughout Europe, in large part thanks to its localized nature with support for 16 languages.” READ MORE – Dog and Cat Social Networking

On Thursday the Supreme Court in Canada refused to hear a challenge to an Ontario law banning Pit Bulls, “The Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday it will not hear a bid to quash Ontario’s ban on pit bulls. A Toronto dog owner, Catherine Cochrane, began the push to take the fight to Canada’s highest court in April.” Red More .. Pit Bulls. “not in Ontario”

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