Pet Responsibility (can we get a puppy?)

by Craig Daniels on June 9, 2009

Cover of "New Puppy"
Cover of New Puppy

It is an age old question, “can we get a puppy?” and and age old answer “we will take care of it.”  Many new puppies find themselves in a loving home but get neglected none the less. Getting a pet is a huge responsibility, thinking about it deeply before jumping in can save you and your new puppy from years of  heartache.

I ran across a short blog in the NYT and what struck me is that over 40 people replied. “So Michelle Obama is right. Dogs are not parenting lessons. The only reason to get one is because you want one. Responsibility, companionship and other life lessons for your children are sometimes nice side benefits. But how often does it actually work out as planned?” Read More – Can I get a Puppy

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