Pet Flea & Tick Products Being Reviewed by E.P.A.

by Craig Daniels on June 23, 2009

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Seems the out cry about the possible dangers to both pets and humans has pushed the E.P.A. into expanding their reviews of  liquid flea and tick products. I’m sure there is a collective sigh of relief coming from pet owners everywhere, but I’m equally sure that relief is mixed with a healthy dose of skepticism as we wonder if anything will be resolved or just stay as it is, once the reviews are completed.

In the New York Times a few days ago Nicholas Bakalar wrote an expanded article on this topic I recommend everyone read. READ MORE: Flea and Tick Product Being Reviewed


Ever wonder what your dog sees when it is roaming around the house or looking at you with those loving eyes? Well now there is a camera you can attach to your dog and find out. Lisa Katayama has a story over on Boing Boing Gadgets all about the slick but decidedly low tech and low quality camera called Pets Eye View. Read More: What’s Your Dog Looking At Anyway?

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