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by Craig Daniels on June 16, 2009

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I came across an interesting bit of news in today’s Dallas Morning News, it seems that despite the recession parties for dogs are still a growing trend. “According to the American Pet Products Association. That group’s 2009-10 National Pet Owners Survey says that about 7 percent of dog owners hold holiday or birthday parties for their pets. That’s up from 6 percent before 2008. And the APPA projects that those numbers will keep growing even through the recession, as overall pet spending hits $45.4 billion this year. ” READ MORE, of this well written and informative piece, Dog Parties

Pro dog walkers in dog parks, how many dogs should each person be allowed to bring into a dog park at one time? Anyone have an experience you can share with us? In Los Angeles they have passed a law limiting the number of dogs to 3 that each person can bring into a dog park at one time. Maybe they should charge Pro Walkers a fee for dogs over the limit and use the cash to make the parks nicer, any thoughts? I saw the story in the Daily News, There’s just one problem: Six months after the city passed a law limiting each person to three dogs at its nine off-leash dog parks, scores of dog walkers far exceed their legal mutt max.
Critics call them scofflaws, saying their dogs run wild, beg food and make a mess of the animal parks. They want them put to heel.
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