New Evidence: Most Abusive Puppy Mills Supply Petland

by Mary Haight on June 30, 2009

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A new HSUS six-month study provides an irrefutable chain of evidence that “the most notorious, abusive puppy mills supply more than 95% of Petland’s dogs.  Using Department of Agriculture transport documentation, the study traced 15,000 dogs transported from puppy mills straight to Petland’s front doors.

Petland made a lot of noise proclaiming their innocence last year when HSUS revealed their initial findings, claiming, without evidence, that parts of the HSUS undercover film were “footage” from other busts, trying to switch the public’s focus away from their despicable practices.  In a fit of hubris and narcissism worthy of Bernie Madoff, several Petland locations actually continued to purchase animals from those puppy mills already exposed by HSUS, one of which has gone through prosecution and was convicted in March for their heinous cruelties to animals. Petland’s claim they procure all dogs from small family breeders is shown to be, and let’s not sugar coat this, a very bold lie according to Department of Agriculture transport records.  Did Petland believe this would simply go away? 

Since March last year when the class action suit was instituted by HSUS, more than 500 people have come forward to show they received sick dogs from Petland.  The lawsuit claims the Hunte corporation “one of the country’s largest broker distributors of factory-farmed puppies” conspired with Petland  to deliberately defraud consumers by selling unhealthy puppy mill puppies, purported to come from reputable small breeders.

The word should be out that a quality breeder never ever sells a pet in a pet shop or over the internet.  Quality breeders do not sell puppies to make money.  And they do not hand over their dogs to anyone with cash.  Breeding is a very expensive, time intensive endeavor done for the healthy perpetuation of that breed and all the best of their traits. 

If you want to share information on puppy mills and pet shop practices, you can go to HSUS’s stoppuppymills

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