Friday Dog News

by Craig Daniels on June 5, 2009

This is either the most boring game of Chicken...
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I have been wondering lately if the world wide economic downturn has caused the news media to do less stories on pets. If I had an extra 10 pennies I would bet that this is the case. What I’m seeing as I look at dozens and dozens of news sources around the world is less coverage of the animal world. Anyone have a thought about this?

I stumbled over a new product that I want to share with everyone. I don’t know anything about this and make I’m not making an endorsement of any kind. The new product is called Powerloo, on their website they say. “Green Dog presents an innovative outdoor, maintenance-free, flushable toilet for proper and sanitary disposal of pet waste.  This unique in-ground toilet installs easily in your yard and connects directly to your home sewer line.” They also have an informational video on the site that you might want to check out. I’d love to hear what people think of this, so please lets get the comment churning on this subject.

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