FDA Approves First Cancer Treatment For Dogs–Pfizer Wins

by Mary Haight on June 4, 2009

Yesterday’s post talked about the FDA and their role in food safety issues, and I was just reminded that they are dealing with the H1N1 flu virus, and now comes what may be the beginning of a new stream of cancer medications for dogs, maybe humans too, according to an earlier post here.  I’m thinking Congress needs to get them what they need to do the job intended. Fast. Things are hopping!3549794985_152695b9ef_msurgerysn

Jacob Goldstein at the Wall Street Journal reports Pfizer announced June 3 that the FDA approved the first cancer treatment designed specifically for dogs with cutaneous mast-cell tumors. This type of cancer accounts for 20% of skin tumors in dogs which can be life threatening. Sixty percent of test cases treated had positive outcomes of tumors that had either stopped growing or had significant size reduction. This indicates prolonged life, but not eradication of the disease.

Cancer drugs designed for humans are currently being used for dogs. Vets have had to prescribe medication with little understanding of how well the dog would be served by it, or how severe adverse reactions may be.

Palladia is an oral drug which kills tumor cells and cuts off blood supply to the tumor, a double whammy for the disease. It will be available in early 2010, but specialists in veterinary oncology will have access before that release date. The US gets 1.2 million new cases of canine cancer every year. Mast-cell cancers are the second most common form of reported cancers.  As with most drugs there are side effects which are spelled out here.

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