Washing Machine for Dogs, No Kidding

by Mary Haight on May 21, 2009

I know the pet industry is a rich target for entrepreneurs of all stripes.  With its $43 billion dollar market just waiting for the next bright, new, shiny idea to wow pet parents everywhere, you can practically hear the hopeful panic in the air as each new product or service is offered.  After all, it’s the one market that seems bullet-proof in this economy.



French entrepreneur, Romain Jarry, must have had the idea that washing the dog was too messy a chore, and that led to the invention of the  Dog-o-Matic automatic washing machine for dogs unveiled in France last year.  He’s apparently had some success there and thinks he can capture market interest in the UK.

From the look of something that resembles betrayal on the little mutt’s face, I can’t imagine that the animal welfare folks in the UK will sit quietly on this one.  Perhaps I’m guilty of judging without an up close and personal inspection, but this looks like water torture for doggies, as mentioned over at dvice where I first saw this report a couple of days ago, and then again at ohmidog! No one should miss this.

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