Tuesday in Dog News Land

by Craig Daniels on May 26, 2009

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Yes indeed it is Tuesday in dog news land, the sun is out in New England, dogs are happy all over this land. Don’t forget to let your pet know you like them today, spend a moment or two extra letting them know you care.

Over at the BBC I came across a nice article about the history of dogs, you can also find the history of a dozen other pets from this same page.. “Dogs are part of the Canidae, a family including wolves, coyotes and foxes, thought to have evolved 60 million years ago. Domestic dogs are derived directly from wolves which entered villages in the Northern Hemisphere in search of food about 12,000 years ago.” Read More The History of Dogs.

I came a cross an interesting article about gadgets for your pets you may not even know you needed. “IN 2008, American pet owners spent $43 billion on their animals. Walk into any pet store and it is easy to see how — $60 brushes, $200 designer cat scratchers, $450 midcentury dog beds. But the market for pet gadgets has been dismal, in large part because of the abundance of novelty goods that are more expensive than practical.” Read More: Pet Gadgets

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