Tuesday Pet News & Tips

by Craig Daniels on May 19, 2009

Glamour *** of the YEAR 2005
Image by grebo guru via Flickr

Suns out and the green of the trees has produced a wall of serenity outside my office window, its a picture taking day and coincidently I ran across a Q&A in the NYT on how to photograph your pet, tips from an expert. Continue Reading Photo Tips

Health care costs for pets are no different than for humans, they are out of control and something that many don’t think about in the rush to get a cuddly puppy. Another piece in the NYT touches on this subject, “First, adopting from a shelter is a good idea, not just because you are rescuing a pet but because in most cases, all shots, and sometimes even microchips, state dog licenses and some training, can be included in one adoption price.” Read More, Health Care and Your Pet.

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