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by Craig Daniels on May 30, 2009

7 week old Huskimo Puppies
Image by Scott Kinmartin via Flickr

In the Seattle Times I saw an interesting article about a recently raided puppy mill, “KENNEWICK — Now that 371 dogs have been rescued from an east Kennewick puppy mill, the problem is to find them good homes.Fortunately, Benton County Sheriff Larry Taylor says, adoptions may start soon because the owner of the kennel has agreed to give the dogs up.”As you can see, these little babies need to have a home,” Taylor said Thursday as a fluffy white puppy nuzzled against his cheek. “Isn’t she just darling?” READ MORE: 371 dogs up for adoption and for info about adopting the dogs, Washington State Humane Society

Down at Janel Hanson asks some important questions about taking our pets to work, “So, there is a movement these days to take your dog to work with you each day. I like this idea, mostly. I think we should chat about WHY we take our dogs to work and see if we’re doing it for us or for them or a little bit of both.” READ MORE: Taking Pets To Work

The San Francisco Chronicle has a great little article on 5 Great Cities for traveling with your dog by Leon Logothetis… CHECK IT OUT HERE

I hope everyone gets to spend lots of time with your beloved pet and you all have a great weekend.

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