Memorial Day and The Dogs of War

by Mary Haight on May 25, 2009

This morning as I was taking the dog out, I caught sight of the flag my mother was given when she buried her father, a veteran of WWI.  I had unpacked it from some boxesbsl-is-shameful1 left in a corner of the storage area of the garage in a fit of Spring cleaning.

I later spoke with a friend about Memorial Day, and we talked about all those men and women who, across time, had left home and hearth to protect and defend their country, its beliefs and values.  Some soldiers returned safely, others with pieces missing physically or emotionally, and still others never made it back at all. They and their families are in many people’s thoughts this weekend.

I thought about the dogs of war that have accompanied soldiers, sailors and airmen, sniffing out bombs, cadavers, weapons caches, attacking at close range if needed, and sacrificing their lives, right alongside their two-legged servicemen. These dogs used to be killed after serving in wars, judged as unfit family companions. Now they come home wounded, too.

As I wondered out loud who was taking care of these dogs, a search netted a video that serves as a tribute, and is also a life-saver for dogs returning from war who need rehoming. Save-a-Vet was started by an Iraq war vet, and thought I’d share his video:

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