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by Mary Haight on May 10, 2009

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As Pet Week comes to a close, I thought I’d share this item on what is billed as “the gold standard” in genetics testing for mixed breeds.  There was another story here around Christmas on a simple saliva swab test kit from Petco.  The Wisdom Panel MX, however, is blood-based DNA test which determines up to 157 breeds that can be evidenced in your dog’s lineage, now available at PetsMart nationwide. More complex, the Mars Veterinary makers boast that their state-of-the-art Wisdom Panel MX  detects 50% more breeds at a 90% accuracy rate.

Mixed breed dog owners often appreciate the opportunity that knowing what’s “in” their dogs can bring in understanding more about what drives their dogs behaviors, instincts, and medical profiles.  The expertise of scientists, veterinarians, breed organizations, and universities worldwide worked together to produce this test over a period of years. “The analysis of more than 19 million DNA markers for more than 13,000 dogs” went into product development.

With all the research and development that went into the product, the test is $124.99, a little more than twice the saliva swab test at Petco.  You can take a look at the breeds detected on their website.  A vet visit is required to get the test taken, so bear that added cost in mind.

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