Friday Dog New Updates – GPS Anyone?

by Craig Daniels on May 8, 2009

Nikon D200/D2x GPS project, part-done, plan view
Image by chris1h1 via Flickr

Suns out this Friday morning and as I was reading the NYT I came across an article just published about GPS tracking devices. Now I don’t want anyone following me around but for your dog it just might be a solution whose time has come. The article talks about a company called Zoombak that offers a small reasonably priced weather proof GPS tracking device that can be attached to your dogs collar. Read More Track Your Dog.

A recent blog at the Oregon Live chat about some of the thing you need to look for when your in the market for dog day care, “Can you see the space? Your daycare should have nothing to hide from you. You may not be able to take a tour due to insurance reasons but you should be able to see the entire space somehow (ie webcams or thru a window).” Read More Dog Day Care Check List

Weekend Alert: In Sacramento Calif this weekend the SPCA will slash adoption fees by 50% through Sunday. The agency hopes to find new homes for at least 150 animals during the event. For more information, call (916) 383-7387, ext. 9156, or view

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  1. […] tracking systems for finding lost dogs have made a leap–we’ve seen the Garmin unit, the Zoombak, reviewed here a couple of months ago, and RoamEO—all products that came out of the technology used to find […]

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