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by Craig Daniels on April 28, 2009

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Today in New England it is already over 90 degrees, whew, it caught me by surprise and you will get no complaints from me. You might get a complaint from some people about this story from the NYT, people taking their dogs to yoga classes.. I think it is interesting and as long as the dogs are happy I say more power to them. “In Manhattan, Grace Yang strikes a warrior pose while balancing a Shih Tzu on her thigh. And in Seattle, Chantale Stiller-Anderson practices an asana that requires side-stretching across a 52-pound vizsla.” Read More You Your Dog and Yoga

As long as I’m visiting NYC here is another article that begs to be read,”The first $136 million from the hotelier Leona Helmsley’s disputed multibillion-dollar estate has been distributed, trustees announced on Tuesday, but the bulk went to medical centers instead of dogs.Read More about Money for Dogs Erased.

Ok and the last story is about Hypoallergenic dogs… as this story from the Miami Herald points out there is no such thing. “First Pup Bo Obama, a Portuguese water dog who joined his new White House family this month, was picked from the litter because his new owners wanted a ”hypoallergenic” dog that wouldn’t aggravate 10-year-old Malia Obama’s allergies” Read More Hypo or Not

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