Update Chicago: Seder for Dogs A Home Run at Wigglyville

by Mary Haight on April 14, 2009

Team Wigglyville, Hollus, Travis, and James, hit a home run the other night with their innovative Seder for Dogs, showcasing fun with your dog and kosher and specialty foods from Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food. You never know what to expect at some dog events, dogs and people being what they are, but from the moment you walked into Wigglyville Pet Boutique, you knew this was going to be a festive Seder treat for all!

Wine, matzo, fruit and other nibbles were available for people, while Evanger’s table had a display of regular and specialty foods with the company owner, Holly Sher, available for questions. 

The team cleared the floor for the “table” setting, around which the prayer books were laid.  A good time was had by all the dogs and their people, too!  Bella the Beagle’s mom, Polly, led the singing, while I was waiting for Bella to join in with a howl or two.  Cooper the Chihuahua seemed intent on figuring out what was up and where was his matzo, with Megan keeping him calm.  Toot, the friendliest 3-legged deaf Bull Terrier ever, looked like he was really getting into the recitation, sticking close by his mom, Carla, while Libby the Retriever kept nose to the matzo box, waiting for Ellen to open it for him—he was out for dinner, after all, and minding his manners.

Hollus Gessler, host and an owner of Wigglyville, was there to take photos and have fun with her clients.  This is one store that does not run short on creativity for their community of clients or careful, thoughtful product selection.  A recent “customer appreciation” evening complete with a large basket of gift products is noteworthy and particularly helpful to dog and cat families in this economy.  And surprisingly, everything on the shelves and in the freezer is thoroughly researched to ensure not only quality, but expertise on the part of the company owners whose products Wigglyville carries.  Stop in and talk to Hollus, Travis, or James if you have questions or concerns about nutrition.  The people at Wigglyville are focused on the health and welfare of your furry friends.

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