Soy–Newest Canine Cancer Supplement?

by Mary Haight on April 8, 2009

Image by claudiogennari via Flickr

Soy–it’s full of good things as a protein source.  It’s health effects also extend into areas most of us haven’t considered.  Researchers have known that soy works in human cancers to lessen costs by enhancing the effects of chemo, reducing the need for more of that drug.  It also eliminates added stress on the body resulting from prolonged chemo treatments. 

Dr. Steven Suter, assistant professor of oncology and his colleagues at North Carolina State, studied a molecule in soy proven to be toxic to a wide array of cancer cells in humans to see what it would do for canine lymphomas.  They found that it works on dogs in much the same way it works in humans.

A pill form of this adjunctive treatment should be available soon, will be inexpensive, and is free of any side-effects or toxics.  How elegant in its simplicity!  See today’s report at Science Daily.


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