Nutro Investigation? What Nutro Investigation? FDA Has Some Explaining To Do!

by Mary Haight on April 30, 2009

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Incident reports filed by 700 people complaining that Nutro Dog and Cat food had made their pets sick…documented shared symptoms present–vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy–only while eating Nutro and most cleared up when off the food, but some pets died.  Yet testing the food revealed nothing?  No salmonella, no e. coli, no mold, no melamine.

FDA field agents made house calls and took case histories.  Individuals reported this fact to, who then filed a FOIA (freedom of info…) on the status of the investigation.  A division of the FDA denied there was any ongoing investigation of Nutro.  So what’s going on?

CNN followed Nutro’s publicist’s talking points, reporting that assertion of an FDA investigation was incorrect. Now that real journalists have been replaced with talking heads, we are all going to suffer…greatly.  Newspapers have not run the story.  Complaints across the country continue to be filed against Nutro.  Dogs and cats continue to get sick.  Who is going to get to the bottom of this?

Read Lisa Wade McCormick’s full report .

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