I’m yawning the dogs are yawning

by Craig Daniels on April 6, 2009

Cat yawning. Vibrissae are easily seen.
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Rain all day and all day i’m yawning, then I come across a story from the BBC about how pets can take yawning cues from humans, who knew. A good article and video awaits you,Yawning is known to be contagious in humans but now scientists have shown that pet dogs can catch a yawn, too.The copying activity suggests that canines are capable of empathising with people, say the researchers who recorded dogs’ behaviour in lab tests.” Read More Yawning Dogs

Co-dependent? “a yapping-dog intervention?”  I found this hilarious story in the NYT and wanted to share it with everyone. “FOR some people, “home” means rounding a corner and catching that first glimpse of a familiar roofline, or a chimney that rises above a neighbor’s house.” Read More Dog Addiction

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