Friday Dog News Update

by Mary Haight on April 3, 2009

Naked Chia Pet #2
Image by krazydad / jbum via Flickr

It’s raining in New England this evening as I write this blog entry and while it’s damp and raw I know springs here and along with the dogs I’m ready to howl with glee.

Down at the Dallas Morning News I came across an article about helping your pet lose weight and wanted to share it with everyone. Weight problems are common in cats and dogs, and can be successfully managed through changes in food or a nutrition program. Combining a change in nutrition with increased exercise is the most effective way of achieving a healthy weight.” Continue Reading

Up north at the San Francisco Chronicle they had an article on a movement taking place to feed your pet only raw food. I’ve heard of people only eating raw food but never have I heard of the raw food for pets movement, “To most people, pet food is something that comes in a bag or can. The package might be illustrated with pictures of meat chunks, vegetables and grains, but what’s inside is probably the most thoroughly processed food product on the market.” Continue Reading

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the spring rolling in. :)

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