Dog Law News from the 2009 Legislative Session

by Mary Haight on April 16, 2009

Image by PaisleyPitbull via Flickr

According to Michael Markarian, President of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the 2009 Legislative session sees the NRA is moving in to shoot down any laws targeting the care and welfare of animals.  This is turning into bad news for dogs and puppies abused in mills.

Public policy germane to puppy mills has been gutted in Ohio, a simple bill in Arizona stating that puppy mill businesses must submit to inspections during normal business hours was lobbied against, and Indiana and Minnesota’s bills, daring to set standards of care in breeding farms, are current targets likely to be the next bills gutted of all substantive language.

I would add that Chloe’s law, which focused on closing down abusive puppy mills in Illinois, HB 198, passed out of the licensing committee with assurances from the sponsor that the bill will not go forward in its current form.  The things most of us don’t know about what our representatives are doing once we’re not looking is going to make life a continued misery for tens of thousands animals being used as cash crops across the nation.

Why can’t animal groups garner enough public outrage to beat back the unthinking undoing of targeted animal welfare legislation?  Why is there no short-cut to legislation that works quickly to stop the abuse of puppy mill dogs?  And why is the NRA suddenly echoing the AKC by appearing to lobby against any new animal welfare law at all?

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