Tuesday Afternoon Dog News

by Mary Haight on March 31, 2009

Manchester, New Hampshire
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Sun was out all day today in Manchester New Hampshire and I took advantage of it to spend hours walking around breathing in the fresh spring air. One thing I noticed was all the people walking their dogs and picking up after them and it got me thinking. When I got home I ran across and great article about the greenest way for picking up dog poop. “Until genetic engineers develop a dog or cat that doesn’t poop, there’s no escaping those little piles they leave behind.Responsible pet owners diligently clean them up. But with so much conflicting information and so many new products to deal with pet waste.Continue Reading

There was a protest to stop puppy mills in Portland Oregon yesterday and I thought I’d share this picture from the Oregonian news paper.. click on the picture for more information about the picture and the protest.

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