Pomeranian Saves Homeless Hound; In LA, Nothing’s Free

by Mary Haight on March 16, 2009

Animals are just amazing.  It can be startling to witness their instincts in action. Happy endings are

Second Chances

Second Chances

always a good way to start the week…

Hamlin, PA. — Gizmo, Elizabeth Rivera’s Pom, must have smelled fear or felt a silent call for help from nearby.  He jumped from his tote bag and ran to a ditch filled with about four inches of running water.  Rivera rushed to catch up and found Gizmo licking the muzzle of a curled up puppy.  Taking a closer look, she saw the muzzle had been wound with tape and thought he was dead.   Happily that was not the case.

Rivera provided an overnight dose of TLC and turned the underweight  puppy over to an animal hospital for fluids the next day.  The publicity brought dozens of offers to adopt, so the future looks much brighter for Adam.  That Gizmo is one super little dog!  See the Wayne Independent for more.

In other news, Los Angeles has ended its free  and discounted spay/neuter program due to budget problems.  A sign of the times, but just a little awkward given this affordable alternative disappears on the heels of the city passing  one of the toughest mandatory pet sterilization programs in the US.  Ed Boks, animal services general manager, had to cut the program when his budget was cut $300K by the City Council.  Check out the Mercury News for more.


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