EPA Approved Meds Killing Dogs and Cats

by Mary Haight on March 25, 2009

It is Spring, the time when most dog and cat parents look to protect their furry ones by taking them for their annual vet check up, vaccinations, heartworm testing, and checking on flea and tick prevention products to use for the season.  So here’s some information worth repeating to your friends.

The investigation into the EPA approved flea and tick products containing pyrethrins and their derivatives that have allegedly been killing thousands of pets has reverberated across the industry, as reported yesterday in DogMagazine.net, UK.

Hartz, Sergeant’s, and Bio Spot, were the subjects of inquiry, and all claim their products are safe when used as directed.  With tens of thousands of registered complaints on pets affected by pyrethrins (and their synthetic cousins) as a class of toxin, and thousands of attributed deaths , their attorneys must expect to be busy soon.  Pyrethrins are found in Raid and other products meant to kill pests. The targets of this report , related by Joel Grover and Matt Goldberg for NBC LA, are flea and tick shampoos and spot application products.

Even the EPA is not certain just how many animals have to come harm from this pesticide. They are currently undertaking a review of these products to determine if they are safe (again), if additional labeling is required, or if findings will lead to taking this product off the market.

Here’s a link to the recent NBC LA report on EPA approved pet meds killing dogs and cats. The video is well worth a look, and there are useful links to other reports.


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