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by Mary Haight on March 27, 2009

Pet Central cat "Bleecker" was born ...
Image by me-myself-i via Flickr

Opened my eyes this morning, looked at the cat and she said, “Ha! it’s Friday and you promised your readers that you’d spend most of the weekend entertaining your pets.” I looked her right in the eye and asked ” when did you learn to read?” The cat padded off with a Cheshire smile knowing full well she was correct… Ok ok I admit it, I have been touting the idea that weekends are for pets and well maybe I went a bit over board. I mean 100% of Sat and Sun for your dog may be just a bit much.. So I’ll ponder and rethink this important idea over the course of the next week and let you know what I come up with.

In the news, The NYT did a story not to long ago about how your pet might motivate you to quit smoking and I wondered what everyone thought about this, “A new survey suggests that pet owners uninterested in giving up smoking might become motivated to do so if they are told that secondhand smoke could harm their animals.” Continue Reading

Today the NYT has a health story talking about how every year over 86,000 people fall over their pets and require emergency treatment, “We trip over them. We take them out for walks and get dragged and pulled. We fall while chasing them. Sometimes we trip over a water bowl or a chew toy left on the floor.” Continue Reading

Have a great weekend everyone… :)

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