Tuesday’s Dog Update

by Craig Daniels on March 3, 2009

Skiing New England style
Image by randomduck via Flickr

Yesterday in New England we got March snow, good news for skiers not so good news for those of us wanting to pedal our bikes… March snow is a short lived snow and before I can say spring it will melt and be forgotten in the heady time that is a New England spring.

Reading today in the San Diego Union Tribune about the effect of all the foreclosures on pets and thought I’d share a link to the story with you, Shelters and animal-rescue organizations across the country are almost always overloaded with abandoned pets, but these days the problem has been aggravated by the rise in foreclosures, which force families into situations that sometimes make animals the least of their concerns.” Continue Reading

Reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning I ran across a story I knew nothing about and wanted to share it with you,”Unable to alleviate his pain with drugs and unwilling to risk another hip surgery on a dog so old, Zoey’s owners turned to a treatment that involved injecting stem cells, which had been extracted from Zoey’s fat, back into the animal. The stem cells stimulate repairs.Continue Reading

Over at the Wausau Daily Herald there is a cute story about the dog who was pick by Milk Bones to be its spokesdog. “I was just in shock. We never expected to make it this far,” said Winston’s owner, Melisa Ruppert, a 26-year-old project manager for Becker Communications in Weston. “It was unreal when he made the top three, and now to imagine he won.” Continue Reading

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