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by Craig Daniels on February 25, 2009

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Is it Wednesday already? Seems every time I turn around the days just pass by never slowing down. I wonder if cats and dogs experience anything like time speeding up as they get older. I know it is only my perception but I can hear the dogs talking about the days going too quickly… Makes me smile.

A couple of days ago the LA Times ran a story about how carrying your dog on your lap while in a car may soon be against the law: “Assemblyman Bill Maze (R-Visalia) said he introduced the bill against lap dogs after a car passed him with two large canines hanging out a window and a third in the driver’s lap.Continue Reading

While I was reading the story about dogs on laps I came across another one in the same paper that give a spiffy overview on what to pack when your dog travels with you: “Food, dishes, bedding, litter and a litter box, leash, grooming supplies and any medication. Always have a container of drinking water with you.” Continue Reading

And finally on this quickly moving Wednesday, I came across the web site for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and want to share it you, I don’t claim to know much about them but the site is worth a look and as always when putting the care of your beloved pet into someones hands (Do Your Homework): “NAPPS offers its members professional integrity and education, as well as networking opportunities. In addition, the organization serves as a major voice for the pet sitting industry.” Continue Reading

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