Saturday Dog Updates

by Craig Daniels on February 28, 2009

As many of you who read my postings will remember, today and tomorrow are days created specifically for your pets. And even though I say that with a tongue and cheek wink, I think we can all agree it’s important to put aside time for our pets on a regular basis.

In the Seattle Times I recently read a piece entitled Celebrate Your Pet In Its Golden Years, “A pet’s life is never long enough for those of us who love him or her. However, barring disease or trauma, today a pet can live at least an average of 10-12 quality years due to advances in nutrition and medical care.” Continue Reading

A few hundred miles south of Seattle is Portland and while reading the Portland Tribune I ran across an article entitled Urban Chickens. I could not resist sharing this with Dancing Dogs readers. “Kat West, Multnomah County sustainability manager, says Portland has the highest urban chicken population in the country per capita, so it’s a good thing the birds are an environmental bonus and not fowling our city’s landscape. Continue ReadingChickens beat dogs in sustainability, make locally produced food.”

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