Salmonella Update:From Pets To People?

by Mary Haight on February 19, 2009

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Although the stories of Salmonella outbreaks have quieted, updates at the FDA site continue as confirmed cases are reported.

To clarify a few points, our darling furry friends can and do transmit Salmonella to people and other pets. We can even contract this dreaded poisoning by merely handling contaminated pet food and treats.

The key to protecting ourselves is simple: wash your hands with soap and warm water before and after handling foods, and clean all utensils and your pet’s bowls after each meal.  You can also get salmonella from undercooked foods, especially eggs and meat, and unwashed vegetables and fruits.

Below is a list of pet foods on the FDA recall list for a quick reference.  Please check the FDA site in case you missed something. Most of us don’t think about the different uses of peanuts and peanut paste in foods like salad dressings and snacks. It is worth the few minutes to double check the list and even check out the ingredients on the items in your home: your protein bars, cereals, and everything else.

Aggieville USA, Mountain Grove, MO

American Nutrition Inc.

Carolina Prime

Carolina Prime Pet

Farm Style

Grreat Choice

Happy Tails

Healthy Hide

Healthy-Hide Deli-Wrap

Hill Country Fare


Mill Creek

Next-Gen Pet Products

Northwest Royal



Shoppers Valu

Springfield Prize

Vita Bone Flavors

Vita Snacks

Western Family Biscuits

Western Trade Group Inc.


If your pet has eaten any of these brands and shows signs illness (vomiting, bloody diarrhea), call your vet.

While there is no cure for salmonella, according to doctors fluid replacement is essential, even lifesaving.  “Toughing it out” without a vet’s advice is not advised.  In some cases antibiotics are administered to pets who are immune compromised or aged.

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