Peanut Corporation of America’s CEO:Worst In The US

by Mary Haight on February 12, 2009

Stewart Parnell, took the 5th Amendment when being questioned by Congress today, refusing to answer questions that included documented allegations that he knowingly released into the food distribution chain peanuts and paste product that had tested positive for Salmonella.

The Peanut Corporation of America has what has increased from an 18-month record to a now three-year history of testing positive for Salmonella.  9 People are dead, 600 hospitalized.  More than 1800 products have been recalled, ranking this among the highest recalls in US history.

A video of Representative Henry Waxman reporting on this issue paints the current picture of what’s known, along with the AP report.  Click on the video in the upper left corner of the page.  Speaking of history, if you want to refresh your memory on this story, check out Pet Treat Recall which also has links to FDA updates and lists of products recalled.  Get comfortable, it’s a long list.

A laboratory testing facility owner told the House that PCA’s disregard for tests of Salmonella in its products is “virtually unheard of” in the US food industry and that product safety needs more Federal oversight.

How about ANY Federal oversight?  What do you think about this case?  Is it only the first in a string of shoes to drop, or is this one “bad apple?”

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