HSUS, Best Friends, and Pit Bull Policy

by Mary Haight on February 27, 2009

Thanks To Best Friends!

Thanks To Best Friends!

The disturbing HSUS policy and “expert testimony” that leads to killing all the animals HSUS saves from fighting rings is in for a revamp.  Best Friends reports that Wayne Pacelle has set up a meeting between all national  stakeholders working with pit bulls and HSUS in Las Vegas this April. This quote from Best Friends:

Pacelle said…The meeting was in the planning stages before Superior Court Judge Ed Wilson Jr. ruled that 145 pit bulls, including approximately 70 puppies, confiscated from Wildside Kennels in Wilkes County, North Carolina, would be euthanized without evaluation to determine suitability for placement.

The new interim policy announced by the HSUS, pending the outcome of the meeting, recommends that local law enforcement and animal control evaluate such dogs as individuals rather than as a category before any decision is made regarding their future.

Best Friends campaign efforts to redeem the reputation of Pit Bulls and bring positive change to their lives requires that all organizations work together to achieve that goal.  This request is being reflected in other blogs, and it was an article I read late this morning over at ohmidog that made me decide to go forward with one more note on this topic.

I know that small steps are sometimes all that can be expected.  Yet I really hope that the pressure brought to bear on this issue can be extended to  what appears to be “base policy” of  HSUS: no more “domesticated” animals. Unfortunately, until that often quoted statement is clarified, it is difficult to see how to view HSUS policies, at least with regard to the welfare of cats and dogs.  These quotes, all previous to 1995, have come up time and time again, and have not been amended or clarified.

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