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by Craig Daniels on February 20, 2009

Cover of "Quit"
Cover of Quit

Seems like last time I looked it was Monday, man has the week flown by or is it just me. The New Yoirk Times has an interesting article that I thought I would share with you. On Feb 17th they printed and article entitled Pets Might Motivate Smokers To Quit. A new survey suggests that pet owners uninterested in giving up smoking might become motivated to do so if they are told that secondhand smoke could harm their animals. Click for more Motivate Smokers To Quit.

Another recent article back in Dec takes an in depth look at helper animals. Animals aren’t just guide dogs anymore, the lengthy article is entitle Creature Comforts: Cases like this are raising questions about where to draw the lines when it comes to the needs and rights of people who rely on these animals, of businesses obligated by law to accommodate them and of everyday civilians who — because of health and safety concerns or just general discomfort — don’t want monkeys or ducks walking the aisles of their grocery stores. click for more Creature Comforts.

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