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by Craig Daniels on February 3, 2009

Oregon Senate Chambers.
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I saw a story from Oregon that grabbed my interest, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting, in spite of a long standing practice of allowing dogs in the capitol they are now banned. “Four-legged Oregonians will no longer have free rein of the State Capitol, under a policy change approved Friday in Salem, by a legislative committee. Rob Manning has more.For years, lawmakers, staffers, and even governors, have taken dogs into the Capitol. But since last session, the state has spent more than $30 million on renovations and new carpet and furniture.”

Seems like they are going in the wrong direction, I would think renovations would make the place more friendly for kids, pets and for people.. Anyone got a thought on this?

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CBS in Chicago ran a story about a dog in Florida who now has his own art book. “You’d hardly think chewed up shoes, or cell-phone would be a thing of beauty, but as they say, “art is in the eye of the beholder.” It’s true for a Deerfield Beach man and his rescued dog named Brinks. Paul Amelchenko watched the six-year old Lab slobber all over his house. Instead of being upset, the author and artist found something in it.” More Dog Art.

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Gretchen Dietz
Gretchen Dietz

I walk dogs in Seattle. I also freelance write...hence the words to the wags. Are you in Oregon?

Ted McGin
Ted McGin

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