Want Your Own Business? Get A Dog…

by Mary Haight on January 9, 2009

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Walter Penny’s wife knew her husband wanted a dog, she just didn’t know how much.  Walter had been working in Colorado at a major pest control company and heard about dogs being used for more than just sniffing out drugs, money, and weapons: that they were being successfully trained to find mold, termites, bedbugs, and a host of other crawling things. 
The dogs–I loved this– have a 90% accuracy rate versus only 30 to 40% for human inspectors.  Now who would you call to inspect your building?
Penny always wanted his own business, and, after working for a year with a big firm, got his first sniffer dog, Macaroni, and started Colorado BedBug K9 LLC, his first business.  They are the only K9 bedbug team in the State, and with the infestation of these critters spreading nationwide, Penny believes they should be able to train to check up to 125 rooms per day. File this one under “what will they think up next?” Read more here.
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Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis

That is really cool! Dogs are the best thing ever - we got ours two years ago from the Denver Dumb Friends League and it has been the best addition to our family. I wonder if I could teach her to smell for something interesting... although I have no idea what it would be.

Mary Haight
Mary Haight

Yes, the list of things dogs can do with their sense of smell just gets longer and longer...thanks for stopping by:)

Rich - Dog Names
Rich - Dog Names

Amazing what a dog can be taught to sniff out. Was reading an article about dogs they're training to sniff out buried bodies. In other words, cadaver dogs. I'm afraid how one would react if turned loose on my fridge! :-)

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