Starved German Shepherd Brought Back to Life

by Mary Haight on January 3, 2009



The Daily Mail reports an abuse case remarkable for the photographic documentation of the successful recovery made by this brave little dog named “Hobo.”  At 40 lbs., he was so skinny Vets could not tell what breed he was.  The effects of severe manage had taken most of  Hobo’s coat. 

At 12 years old, vets did not think he would last three days, but he fooled everyone and fought his way back to health.  Hobo’s new people, the Butcher’s, were very happy he did and Hobo now enjoys his life on a farm with 10 other dogs, ponies, goats and alpacas.  He still trusts people and is eager to please.  Amazing!

The couple has gone the extra mile by providing funds to prosecute the abuser, Joy Battison, whose day in court will be some time in January. You can visit the Daily Mail  site to see the great “after” photos!  Hobo is now a healthy 66lbs.

You can learn how to fight against cruelty here and here.

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