Grant $$$ For Pet’s Surgery: Don’t Give Up

by Mary Haight on January 5, 2009


If you know where to look, there is free* money for your pets surgery!  Each of the organizations below has their own standards for granting funds.  Copy this and put it in your dog’s or cat’s file.  You will also find information on  non-surgical options if appropriate to your case.  Check your pet insurance policy if you have one–there are needs not covered.

In my other life as a board member at Lake Shore Animal Shelter, I’ve come across many surrendered dogs needing expensive surgery.  Last year, dogs came in with all manner of woes, many of which could have been avoided if treated early.  People simply could not afford to take their dog or  cat to a vet for regular check-ups.  Please pass this on to your friends–every little bit of information helps stem the tide of pets in need of re-homing.

1. Care Credit

2. Good Sam Fund


4. Labrador Lifeline,

5. The Pet Fund (financial assistance page)

6. UN Animal Nations

7. For Paws Hospice

Check with all these places, and know that new organizations do spring up every now and then with grant $$$ for pets surgery, so don’t give up!

Update: Funds for Vet care Please see new post with updated information and new resources:

ALSO – ALL comments asking for money need to be connected to a legitimate fundraising site or a Veterinarian’s animal hospital where funds will be collected to care for the animal in need. Caution against fraud: Never send money to an individual. 


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