Ellen Degeneres QVCs HALO Pet Products

by Mary Haight on January 17, 2009

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At 3pm ET today, Ellen is promoting her line of all natural pet products today on QVC from her LA set, to include: a variety of dog and cat food,  treats, vitamin supplements, grooming supplies priced from $20 to $40.

The 12-time Emmy Award winner explains about ingredients, the problems of by-products, promoting healthy foods for healthy pets.  Wet and dry food is available in chicken, salmon, lamb and beef with separate formulas for puppies and kitties and suggestions to ease the new brand into your current food to prevent sensitive systems “backup”:)

A well-known animal advocate, Ellen is serious about her part in HALO holistic products.  She is an owner in the company, not just a spokesperson, and wanted to be seriously involved in making healthy products available to the public after the ongoing melamine disaster.

Ellen says it takes awhile for animals to take to the change in taste, comparing it with people trying to wean themselves from junk food!  But her animals have had great results to their coats using the powdered raw food and greens supplements.  She suggested that if you’re going out and don’t want to wear fur, you can drape your cat around your neck, showing off the shiny, glowing coat!

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