Dog Walks Can Be Deadly

by Mary Haight on January 9, 2009

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I saw a story today reminding me of something that had completely gone off my “radar.”  The phenomena of stray voltage came up in the news and I recalled that two or three years ago, a dog in New York was being walked by his person when he was hit with stray voltage and died.  Nearly two years prior to that, the same thing happened to a woman who had stepped on an electrical service box.  And just last November, a German Shepherd in Toronto died from stray voltage. 

I was just about ready to take my dog out when this reminder arrived and it brought to mind the two manhole covers we walk across, and metal signposts that my dog Tashi likes to sniff to see who has been in the area lately.  Neon signs and scaffold lighting conduct/transmit this free-form current and should be included on your new checklist of things to avoid–sorry, Sparky, no more targeting the lampost for you. 

 The boots on your dog will not save his or her life, so don’t count on that.   According to this news, if your dog suddenly acts up, is “skittish, frightened, angry or upset” for no discernable reason, it may be due to an electric shock.  Should your dog be rendered helpless, call the fire department and do not touch your dog…the electrical current will flow from your dog into you and you too will be helpless.

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