Dog Bouncing Off Walls? Help Is Here!

by Mary Haight on January 14, 2009

Mitzi the Westie - A Relaxed Dog
Image by S and Cvia Flickr

Ever think you might have to give up your dog because of behavior you don’t understand, or that isn’t getting any better no matter what you do?  There’s a great little website dedicated to helping people just like you get the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

It is pretty thorough, given the abbreviated style of one short page per topic.  Working your way from the abc’s of training a dog new to your family life, to understanding and dealing with abused dogs, anxiety-based behaviors, and  allergies, it becomes clear that there’s some real depth here as you move across the layers of the site.  Lack of time problems are discussed, as are introducing children to dogs, how to add a second dog to the family “pack”, and what to do about your four-legged best friend if you are going into military service.

You might find something here that will give you hope, help you solve a problem, or help you keep your dog rather than letting frustration get the better of you.  If not, there is also information on safely rehoming your pet, with or without the help of a shelter.

I have to thank Horst Hoefinger of Dogster’s For The Love of Dog Blog, who has the helpful website listed as a resource–thanks!  Happy 5th Birthday to Dogster, by the way!

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