Companions To None… Mexico’s Dog Crisis

by Craig Daniels on January 27, 2009

Using the word crisis is perhaps not a strong enough word for what is happening in Mexico at this moment with homeless dogs. The award winning documentary Companions To None is a must see for all dogs lovers and for those who wonder “what’s the fuss all about.”  After watching just the trailer I don’t believe the least interested among us would not be moved. In Dorothy Parker’s review of the film she lays it out with clarity “Apathy and lack of empathy to an animal is a short trip to insensitivity to fellow humans.”

Visit the website for the film Companions To None… a write up of Dorothy Parker’s review from Ain’t It Cool News is also available.

I am amazed what great films are out there we no nothing about.  Then again it doesn’t look like the website or trailer is share friendly – no doubt that would have helped.

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